* welcome to the utau sights webring *

utau sights is a webring created with the goal of unifying all utau-related personal websites in a single space. it serves not only to create a throughline within the utau internet, but also to promote a dying art in the utau sphere: web design!

* what is utau? *

utau is a singing synthesis software created by ameya/ayame. it is similar to a more well known software, vocaloid, with the distinction being that utau allows for user-generated voices, and is completely free. since its creation, utau has developed a fan culture based around the development and distribution of these voices, and the characters attached to them.

* how do i join? *

first, read the rules. once you're done, go submit a join form. we will contact you once your form has been approved. this webring is manually operated by a single person, so please be patient.